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The Venture Capital environment of this century has led to innovative start-ups with ideas that are only limited by their founders' imaginations. At Core Competencies LLC, we have the capability of partnering with venture capitalists and angel investors to staff all your "C Suite" needs as well as technical needs down to the bench scientists. Too often, venture capitalists rely on their "buddy" network to fill critical and sometimes even, unfortunately, technical needs. This type of limited network recruiting has led many start-ups (based on great concepts) to failure due to inadequate numbers of key technical personnel capable of executing the business plan.

We not only examine the market place that your company is venturing into, we get to know the reputation of your competitors (as well as your own) and provide market intelligence that allows us to go after the very top available talent for your specific technical needs.

Among the industries we have worked in this sector include (but are not limited to) novel battery and storage technology, motor / turbine R&D, fuel cells, photovoltaic, hydrogen power and smart grid technology.


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Emerging Technologies

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"His (Core Competencies LLC) ability to match qualifications based on need is outstanding, and his flexibility and sense of fairness really makes the relationship work for the long term." 

John McDonald, CEO

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